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Night under the Northern Lights

I remember I read about these mysterious lights in my Social Studies Geography book somewhere in my mid-school but I almost forgot about them as I grew up. After I being passionate about landscape photography, researched more about these lights that glow in green color and also dance. Yes you read it correct, the lights that dance in the air when you look above. 2016 October, I planned to visit Alaska - where you can watch these lights in USA, but somehow I passed these plans to March 2017, because during October to April you will only see little amount of day light in Arctic region and I wanted to make more out of my trip when I visit Alaska. Finally booked my tickets in week 1 of April. How to plan your visit to Alaska to experience the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)? Aurora Borealis Captured by Shiva Nara where it is shadowing across the Arctic North and FairBanks, Alaska. I booked from Dallas, TX to Fair Banks, AK through Alaska Airlines - the best airlines I can
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How to view our Milky Way from your location

Sure, everyone has remembered the nights that you spend under the stars when you used to sleep on your terrace when you were a kid. But everyone has moved on from that views, but I did not. Chasing the stars is not our cup of tea, but viewing them was surely on my list. I got to know more about the Galaxies and always wanted to view with my naked-eye. After perfection at studying how to view them, i finally got to go out and look at them. Some tips on how to chose the best place and best time to view the Milky way galaxy with your naked-eye. As we are practically living in a technical world, get the SkyWalk 2 app on your mobiles (available on iOS and PlayStore) and if you want some serious into astronomy, get Photopills app (available on iOS and PlayStore) for 10$ which is excellent and accurate way that I recommend to plan for the sky shots. Check this site  and enter your desired location to see if you will be able to find an